Pushstart Back in the 'Real World'

The resurrection of Hollywood life


Anyone who watches cable channels that used to play music videos knows that this Wednesday night (April 16th), MTV will begin airing the season premiere of ‘The Real World – Hollywood”. The episode will not only feature 7 strangers, but it will also include Pushstart Wagon performing ‘Radiation’ (of course) on the soundtrack.

The show airs at 10:00pm this Wednesday night. If you miss it, never fear… You catch it again on MTV when it repeats like 20 times a day for the next week. Or you can catch the episode on-demand at MTV.com.

Lyrics Aren't Just for Singing...


Check out the lyrics posted at PushstartWagon.com! We now have lyrics of your favorite Pushstart Wagon songs. Of course the lyrics aren’t the only thing you like about Pushstart, but they’re one of our favorite things.

We think that these words have power. In fact, we know a man on the east coast who used lyrics from a song on our first album to woo a girl who later became his wife and mother of his children… Take that eHarmony!

We’re betting that if you memorize these lyrics, they could have many, many uses including (but not limited to): impressing your friends at cocktail parties, getting out of traffic tickets, (for jocks) showing you have a sensitive side, (for nerds) showing you know how to rock, keeping your mind busy in the dentist’s chair, proving you know how to read, opening portals in the time-space continuum, and singing your heart out along with your ipod on the public transportation system.

To begin getting all the benefits listed above, just go to www.pushstartwagon.com! and find the lyrics by clicking the albums on our music page.

PS – If you’ve got other uses for Pushstart lyrics send us an email. We love hearing from you!

Pushstart Wagon on MTV and Stuff!


Those of you who watch TV and movies know how important music has become to the experience. The right song really underlines the emotion of what you’re seeing on the screen.

In the last few months, Pushstart Wagon music has been showing up all over the TV including the latest placement of ‘Los Angeles’ on The Real World Sydney (Episode 23). If you’re a Real World fan you can watch the episode on-demand at MTV.com.

Here’s to hearing more Pushstart Wagon music played all over the world!

Hello 2007!


We know we're well into January already. There's been enough time for all of us to catch up on sleep after New Year's Eve, make a bunch of resolutions for the new year, accidentally write "2006" a dozen times, and break a few resolutions by now.

We know we're not the first to say it, but... To all of our friends out there (and to anyone that is visiting us), we would like to wish you a very happy 2007. With all sincerity we wish you a very happy, life-filled, prosperous year. And we hope that you will be able to surround yourself and share the year with wonderful people too.

We're grateful for you all. And we look forward to hopefully spending time with you this year as we release a new CD and get a chance to share new music with you.

See you soon,
Pushstart Wagon

Love & Mistletoe


Dear friends of Pushstart Wagon,

We wanted to touch base with you all and let you know that we haven't forgotten you.

I'm sure that, like us, you've been busy with life and all the things that take up space in our brains. We hope that you'll find time during the upcoming holidays to reflect on all the amazing things that we are surrounded by.

The band is working on a new CD that should be out in early '07 (no date set yet). Also, you can watch video of a live acoustic performance with a couple of your favorite Pushstart Wagon songs as well as a brand new cover of "Such Great Heights" by Postal Service at our goodies page... There's some other cool stuff there too. :)

Also, our latest CD "L.A. Was Our Alamo" is on sale now for only $10 until Christmas at our webstore . Check out the bottom half of this email for more info.

We look forward to seeing each one of you in the New Year with some new rock music and a new album!

Love and mistletoe,
The boys of Pushstart Wagon

The Lost & the Found


Have you ever taken a look in one of those “Lost & Found” boxes at your local hang-out? There’s always that one lonely mitten (in California no less) and all kinds of other stuff that no one would really care if they never got back. But once in a while someone loses something important, like your wallet or cell phone… It’s great to find those things when you thought they were lost forever.

Well, we have found a few little treasures, brand new copies of Pushstart Wagon’s first album ‘Squeaky Clean’. These little beauties were thought to be completely out of stock, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology (and some fall cleaning) we found the CD’s in a time capsule marked, “Open this time capsule when they finally invent flying cars - OR – when they start making another ‘Rocky’ movie, whichever comes first”.

We have ‘Squeaky Clean’ CDs available right here at our webstore for only $10.

Summer Sale & Vacation!


It is summer time. Many of our European friends get a month of paid vacation every year. Many towns in Europe basically shut down for the month of August as the locals travel out of town to relax for their vacation. Too bad the overactive Americans haven't caught that trend yet.

But, as the boys of Pushstart Wagon go camping, knitting, spear-fishing, base-jumping, bowling (or whatever they do to unwind) we wanted to remind you that you can still get a great deal at our webstore. Right now you can get a brand new copy of the latest Pushstart Wagon CD, 'L.A. Was Our Alamo', and a shirt of your choice for only $20.

Check out the webstore for details.

Until the guys get back from their hot air balloon/bungee jumping trip across the Sahara desert... Have a great summer!

Yes, I Love Technology!


Remember the last time you bought a new CD? I do. I loved it. I loved the anticipation of opening the jewel case for the first time. I loved the smell of the booklet inside with the artwork on it. I loved reading the lyrics, seeing the photos and even reading all the notes and credits (one of the many things Pushstart takes pride in with our CD’s). I have become pretty skilled at opening the shrink-wrap and I’ve actually been able to figure out how to get those anti-theft spine sticker things off too without leaving that sticky residue behind.

Holding a CD in your hand may have a sensory advantage to downloading an album, but on the other hand, digital music downloads are cheaper, faster and much easier to organize than the mountain of jewel cases that have taken over my hallway.

Today, you can hear about a band, preview their entire catalog of music and download one or all of their albums in seconds. Astonishing!

For Pushstart Wagon, today’s internet resources including Myspace, iTunes, and others have literally provided all the tools we need to be able to communicate with our friends, reach new audiences, and distribute our music all over the world (“Hi” to all our European fans out there!).

A lot of independent bands are doing some great things right now and being found by music lovers all over. The internet is making record labels less and less necessary and the freedom to have creative control of their music and careers has given some independent artists a real advantage.

The internet will also keep some music alive long after it is out of print. For instance, the first Pushstart Wagon CD ‘Squeaky Clean’ is completely sold out and currently out of print. But, thanks to places like iTunes, the album isn’t lost. You can still find Squeaky Clean without having to go hunting through the shelves of some old record store in Nebraska.

Also, thanks to the internet, there are stores in Spain & Sweden that have copies of our latest album, ‘L.A. Was Our Alamo’, for sale on their shelves right now. People from the US, Canada, Japan, and all over Europe have ordered our CD’s and shirts from us. And our songs are being downloaded all the time all over the world.

If you prefer to get a physical copy of our albums, the best place to get a copy of a Pushstart Wagon CD is right here. You can also find our CD’s at TowerRecords.com, BestBuy.com, and some local indie record stores in the LA area (including Rhino Records in Claremont and Amoeba Records in Hollywood).

If you like to download your music, you can find Pushstart Wagon at iTunes, MP3tunes, Sony Connect, Napster, YahooMusic, Walmart.com (who knew Walmart even had a website?), MusicMatch, MSN Music, MusicNet@AOL, and other fine digital music websites.
While you’re buying your Pushstart Wagon music don’t forget to check out all the other great independent music that is coming out right now. I bet you’ll be inspired by some great artists.

Pushstart Wagon Surrenders to Myspace


myspace link

Actually, we surrendered a long time ago, but we thought we'd make it an official post here on the webpage. If you really want to interact with us, send us an email through the contact form or join us on myspace.

New Pushstart Photos Section!


We have just rebuilt the 'Goodies' section of this site to make it easy for you to see pictures of the band (and other random things) Check it out.

We love the camera... or does the camera loves us?

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